Dr. Christa Marshall, PsyD.

Dr. Marshall is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has spent most of her career working in the Veterans Health Administration. While there, she delivered mental health services to those coping with mood disorders, anxiety, and trauma. She has a special interest in working with pregnant and postpartum women. Dr. Marshall is currently providing counseling to patients in Virginia and New York via telehealth. Her practice is located in New York, and outside of the past few weeks, she sees patients at her office as well. Dr. Marshall’s role in the clinic will be to provide clinical supervision and administrative oversight to both of the trainee clinicians.


Shannon Poole, MS

Shannon is a second year doctoral student at Robersts Wesleyan college working on her PsyD in clinical Psychology. She has worked as a Certified School Psychologist since 2009. Shannon hopes to provide more clinical support to those individuals who otherwise may not have the means to receive the care that they need. Shannon has experience providing therapeutic services in a variety of settings and populations. She has years of assessment experience, which aides in her therapeutic skills. Some therapeutic settins in which she has received training include, but are not limited to, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Centers, Memory Clinics, Inpatient Psychiatric Centers and working with Veterans within the VA system. 


Zeina Nauom, MPH

Zeina is a first year doctoral student at Roberts Wesleyan College working on her PsyD in Clinical and School Psychology and a Masters in Public Health. She has worked under the supervision of a school psychologist, providing both counseling and assessment services. She has two publications related to pregnancy and women’s reproductive and sexual health. She has experience working with different populations and in different settings such as inpatient psychological facilities, hospitals, and schools.