All patients must complete and return the following five forms before services begin. If you have scheduled your initial appointment, you may have received an e-mail with a link to these forms. 
Marshall Psychological Services relocated to Rochester, NY during the summer of 2019. If you are from Virginia and would like to receive care, we will utilize teleheatlh. Please sign and return this Telehealth Informed Consent document before services begin.

Your care is confidential, but sometimes clients want me to communicate with a physician, previous therapist, or their insurance company.  If this is the case, please fill out this Consent to Release Confidential Information Form and return it to me in person, by fax, or via mail.  Remember that e-mail may not be secure form of communication.  After I receive this release I can coordinate your care with another provider.

If you are receiving cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), this CBT-I Intake Packet contains everything you need for your intake appointment. Please fill out all the forms and bring the entire packet with you to your first appointment.